2018 & 2019 Balls Update

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Friday Night Before Mardi Gras Board has made the difficult decision to cancel our 2018 and 2019 Balls. We are going to take these two Carnival seasons to think about how best to serve you, the community, and continue the organization in the tradition in which it was founded.

We determined that, based on current projections for ball revenue and expenditures, it would not be responsible to continue on the current course.  The purpose of our organization is to raise funds for local LGTBQ nonprofits. In the past two years, we have distributed funds to Crescent Care, Food For Friends, BreakOut Youth, NOAGE (New Orleans Advocates For GLBT Elders), the MCC Church in Baton Rouge, and Leonel Melendez - a Pulse Nightclub survivor from New Orleans. At this time, we have decided to reevaluate our activities, as we do not believe we will raise adequate funds to make a true community impact.

Additionally, we feel that the needs and desires of the community are changing and this presents an opportune moment to reset. We are evaluating the needs of the NOLA and Gulf South LGBTQ+ community, and assessing how we can be most impactful in the future.  While we are in the very early stages of this process, we know already that we need greater community involvement. So, if you are interested in getting involved, now is an excellent time!

Your feedback, along with input from key constituents and members of the broader community, will allow us to hone and tailor our approach as we reground and brainstorm over the future Carnival seasons.

Please use the Contact Us form found here to provide feedback or ask questions.