New FNBMG Board Members

Friday Night Before Mardi Gras is thrilled to welcome our newest Board members, Sue May and Jamie Trent DeMilt.  Both were elected to the FNBMG Board on May 11, 2016.

Sue May has been the Administrator of Canon Hospice since 2001.  She has a Bachelor Degree in Health Care Administration and she is also a LPN.  She has been a Board Member for the Akula Foundation since 2007, where she has been active in their work to host a camp each year for children who have either lost a parent to death or are dealing with a parent who is dying.  In addition to all this, Sue also her own talk show on Saturday Mornings on WGSO radio so keep your ears out! 

Jamie Trent DeMilt moved to New Orleans in 2006 after Katrina to help out in the schools and teach in the recovery school system. She graduated from Princeton with a degree in Montessori Education and has a Masters in Education from the University of New Orleans.  She is still very involved in New Orleans schools and their rebuilding efforts, working as First Year Teaching coach for teachNOLA helping train and mentor first year teachers throughout the city of New Orleans. Outside of this, you may have seen Jamie out and about in New Orleans because she's also the founder of her own catering company called Stickball NOLA which has become a very successful pop-up as well as festival vendor. Stickball has been really involved with different charity organizations as well as donating food to several schools for family reading nights. 

We are happy to welcome these two talented ladies to our board and look forward to their ideas, energy and contributions in supporting Friday Night Before Mardi Gras and the LGBTQ community in New Orleans.