Charleston Fest

FNMBG would like to send a big Shout Out and Thank You to the organizers of Charleston Fest, especially Brad Walton!   A Roaring (twenties!) success, this party celebrated the costume and dance of the 20s.  Everyone danced, drank, and donated, enjoying the sweet sounds from our talented musicians:  Chelsea Lovitt and Bonefeather, Hot Tooth, and Samantha Pearl.  And I think we all enjoyed delicous treats from Stickball and Milty's specialty cocktail the Dizzy Flapper - with gin, lemonade, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, cardmom bitters, and lavender bitters.  Congrats to Katie Miska and Ashley Repech, our Amelia Earhart-inspired costume winners.

The best part?  Over $600 in donations were raised for Friday Night Before Mardi Gras.  We can all get down to that!